Choosing a Pointer

So which kind of Pointer should you choose? The choice depends not so much on the breed but on the individual and above all, on the type of hunting – personal tastes, type of terrain, his favorite game and method of hunting. A dog that weighs more than 25 kg as an adult will soon tire. A shorthaired dog will not be able to hunt for long periods in cold weather. Continue reading

The Companion Dog

All dogs are invariably companion dogs. Dog lovers know very well how much companionship there is to be gained from a Pointer, a Dobermann, a Boxer and a Great Dane. People who have no dogs at home are missing a great deal in their lives. Continue reading

The Show Dog

At dog shows, the judge examines the dog for a few minutes and if during this brief inspection, the dog is in tip-top condition and shows off its qualities to the full it will certainly be successful. Therefore the need to train the show dog to present itself in the best possible way is very necessary. Continue reading

Mountain rescue dogs

The increasing popularity of winter sports in the US and Europe contributes greatly to the training of mountain rescue dogs. These rescue dogs are trained to work in snow to rescue skiers are who are caught in avalanches and are trapped beneath the surface. Continue reading

The Guard Dog

  There are two types of guard dog; the dog that raises the alarm as a warning, and the ‘armed’ guard dog, whose function is to attack any intruder (man or animal) into its territory. An extremely alert and vigilant … Continue reading

Tracker Dog Training

A number of famous American trainers have experimented for years with tracker dog training to get to the best training methods for bloodhounds. Leon F. Whitney’s excellent work, Bloodhounds and How to Train Them (New York, 1947) is certainly stimulating and … Continue reading

The Potential of the Tracker Dog

  It is not possible for ordinary dogs belonging to common working breeds like German Shepherd, Belgian Shepherd, Airedale, Dobermann, Boxer and  Rottweilers to follow human trails over dry, stony ground or over asphalt or over this kind of terrain … Continue reading

Tracker Dogs

  The hound’s job is to seek, flush and pursue wild game, large or small. All dogs are natural trackers. The use of tracker dogs has traditionally involved hunting on horseback and on foot, either with a single dog or … Continue reading

The Police Dog

  For law enforcement and security personnel, the dog can be an extremely useful right hand. In fact, in many countries police dogs are considered vital. But they must have very special qualities. First and foremost, they must be made … Continue reading

Guard Dog Training – Pursuing and Neutralizing an Assailant

    The Aim of the Excercise: When ordered, the dog must pursue a fleeing enemy, leap on his back, bring him down and keep him immobilized until its master arrives. How to: The assistant moves towards you with the … Continue reading

Guard Dog Training

Guard dog training commands: On Guard, Attack and Let Go By now your guard dog training is almost complete and your dog can assume an aggressive posture towards anyone threatening children, adults, bicycles, cars and so on when it is … Continue reading